Ultra-sonic sound processing with schema electronic audio

ultra sound detectorLmc567 Detector ultra sound

Parts List

IC1        567 phase-locked loop, integrated circuit
U1         LM386 audio power amplifier, ic
Q1, Q2     2N391M NPN transistor
Q3         MPF102 JFET transistor

(All fixed resistors are 1/4 watt, 5% units.)
R1, R2        220,000 ohm
R3-R6         2,200 ohm
R7            1,000 ohm
RS, R14       270 ohm
R9            100,000 ohm
R10           4,700 ohm
R11           10,000 ohm
R12           50,000 ohm, potentiometer
R13           10,000 ohm, potentiometer

C1, C2, C5        0.01 microF, Mylar
C3                0.047 microF, Mylar
C4                0.0022 microF. Mylar
C6, C7, C11, C12  0.1 microF, ceramic-disc
C8                10 microF, 16 WVDC, electrolytic
C9                47 microF, 16 WVDC, electrolytic
C10               470 microF 16 WVDC, electrolytic

Ultra sound is captured by the microphone 1 and through two stages of amplification in the P1 and P2 will produce a single frequency, which is produced by the LM567 oscillator U1. LM567 is a tone decoder but the input control voltage.

Two signals in Q3 mixed to produce a good signal in the audio range and higher frequencies are then filtered.
The remaining audio signal through the last stage of controlled (R13) amplification of the LM386 at U2 before available to the AUDIO OUT output.
This consists of two times the frequency of voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and divider which sets the reference signal for phase and amplitude detector. Phase detector and VCO phase-locked to form the loop (PLL) that locks to the input signal frequency within the range VCO control. “