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lm35dz temperature control schematic

lm35dz temperature control schematic The Lm35dz series are precision integrated-circuit temperature devices with an output voltage linearly-proportional to the Centigrade temperature. The LM35 device has an advantage over linear temperature sensors calibrated in Kelvin, as the user is not required to subtract a large constant voltage from the output to obtain convenient Centigrade scaling. 16f877 […]

Vertical TV Stand Using TDA4800

TV Vertical Deflection Output Circuit using TDA4800

DC Power Supply Schematic

AC Adaptor / power supply AC Adaptor / power supply using STRS6707, TLP621, TLP721, 2SC3852

7805 circuit diagram

7805 circuit diagram

50 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Circuit Diagram

50 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Circuit Diagram using TL074, BD139, BD246, BD140, BD245 2 x 50 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Circuit Diagram This is a 100 watt STEREO audio power amplifier circuit for your guitar. Of course a high quality pre-amp is needed to produce high quality audio output. You need this schematics.? Go to […]

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