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uPC1280V POWER AMPLIFIER Circuit 20W uPC1280V, NEC Electronics, Audio Power Amplifier and Power triode intended for use in class A

USB to LR35901 Converter Circuit for Multi Media

USB to LR35901 Converter board is a PIC microcontroller based device that receives a USB signal from a PC and converts the signal to an LR35901 output.  The output signal can be sent to any one of three serial ports.  Devices which may be connected to the ports include the ASI Inc. X-Y Stage, the […]

pci express power management

pci express power management PCI Express devices must meet all of the requirements of PCI Express. This checklist is also used as one of the requirements to qualify a PCI product for the Integrator’s List by creating a paper trail of testing for PCI compliance. Add-in card vendors that want their products on the Integrator’s […]

Indicator led circuit for human error

Icator led circuit for human error Indicator led circuit diagram for human error rate prediction power supply using 741 Power supply short-circuit and open-circuit protection LED Current Error

Radio digital ic circuit

Radio digital ic circuit IC tunes in to digital radio

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