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Power supply protection

power supply power supply Power supply protection using MJ2955, 2N6049, MC7800

audio signal generator freeware

audio signal generator freeware Create Audio And Surround circuit for audio signal generator using TL072 audio signal generator freeware Surround sound encompasses a range of circuit for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with audio channels audio signal generator freeware

Schematic diagram of the MAX2338 hp at the sound amplifier

The MAX2338 receiver RF front-end IC is designed for dual-band CDMA cellular phones and can also be used in dual-band TDMA, GSM, or EDGE cellular phones. Thanks to the MAX2338’s on-chip low-power LO divider, the cellular VCO module can be eliminated. The includes a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with an adjustable high-input third-order intercept point (IIP3) […]

Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK459

Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK459

Circuit Diagram CB fm 27mhz Receiver Diagram

Circuit Diagram CB fm 27mhz Receiver Diagram 27MHz FM-CB receiver built with TCA440 for listening CB transmissions with FM. The selection is made with ceramic filters. This 27 MHz receiver works with an intermediary frequency of 455 kHz.

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