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i want samsung tv circuit diagram?

Uzi asked: i have SAMSUNG TV model is CDS-8000P imported from korea. now the problem is its flyback is burned. the tv repair guy cant find its circuit diagram or user manual so that he can find the number for that part and replace it. i have searched for it my self but coudlnt find. […]

Where can I get TV circuit diagram to repair my own TV? Can’t seem to find it on the find on the web?

SukhdevS asked: The model is Sony Trinitron KVJ14P1S (14 inch). I stay in KL, Malaysia.

Charge Balance converter circuit

AD7711 IC for Charge Balance converter circuit

Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost circuit diagram with IC TL062

Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost circuit diagram Parts: P1 100K P2 10K R1,R2 15K 1/4W R3,R4,R11,R12_100K 1/4W R5,R6 22K 1/4W R7,R8 390K 1/4W R9,R10 560R 1/4W R13 220R 1/4W C1,C2 330nF 63V C3,C8 100uF 25V C4,C5 10pF 63V C6,C7 4u7 63V IC1 TL062

RGB Circuit using MC1377

RGB Circuit to PAL – NTSC using MC1377 Parts : R1 1 kΩ                  C1 1 nF R2 2.2 kΩ              C2 100 nF            Qz cristal 4.433691 R3 75 Ω                  C3 22 µF R4 75 Ω                   C4 22 µF R5 75 Ω                  C5 22 µF R6 1 kΩ                   C6 30 pF […]

what is power supply ?

what is power supply ? what is power supply ? This article is about the common off-line switching power supplies used Preamplifiers what is power supply ? +15 and -15 , GND what is power supply ? One unit of Preamplifiers has begun working, while the second one will be operational The power supply +15 […]

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