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Posts tagged tl074cn application

Audio compressor circuit diagram

Audio compressor circuit diagram using TL01474CN  

stereo tone control circuit

stereo tone control circuit using A726 and C1313

Combo tube amp

Combo tube amp circuit using 6CL6 Combo tube amp circuit using 6CL6

How to Make Radio-guided Radio Circuit Schematics

How to make radio-guided Radio Circuit Schematics radio is one of the entertainment as the radio has a value of information and entertainment.  but how do we make it? was very simple answer, here is a guide to Circuit Schematics Radio. The first requirement is the hardware that receives the radio transmission. We have chosen […]

500W Car Power Amplifier Circuit

500W Car Power Amplifier Circuit using 1N4148, 2N4401, TIP31, TIP3055, 1N4002, TIP2955, TIP32, BD139, TL072

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