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Sansui 15″ CTV Model: CTVB2B15-P powersupply problem,TV not switching on,replaced C4460, issue stil persists?

Raj asked: Hi, I have a Sansui 15″ color TV Model: CTVB2B15-P. It automatically switched off. When checked, fuse was blown out, I tried replacing the fuse, but it again blown out, so suspecting the problem with SMPS, I further checked and found that C4460 transistor (or STR) was short and replaced it, and now […]

Simple Ohmmeter Driver circuit

Simple Swr Avometer Driver circuit Synthetic Isolators, great for checking the SWR of antennas

500W Car Power Amplifier Circuit

500W Car Power Amplifier Circuit using 1N4148, 2N4401, TIP31, TIP3055, 1N4002, TIP2955, TIP32, BD139, TL072

FM transmitter circuit

FM transmitter circuit Radio Wireless circuit using BC547 FM transmitter circuit radiate strong radio frequency to the environment

PT2399 reverb circuit and layout

PT2399 reverb circuit and layout Part : PT2399 TR C945 PT2399 reverb circuit and layout simple reverb circuit, reverb circuit schematic, spring reverb schematic, pt2399 reverb circuit, spring reverb driver, digital reverb circuit, pt2399 delay schematic, audio echo circuit diagram

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