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Stereo Speaker Protection Circuit

Stereo Speaker Protection switch very important Stereo Speaker Protection Circuit using TR C458, C1383, C1384

Wireless Systems Using Aurel RX FM

Portable PA System with Wireless Microphone using wireless systems circuit diagram Component 1: R1 100 Ω        C1 100 µF 25V     D1 1N4007 R2 5.6 kΩ       C2 10 µF 16V        T1 BC547 R3 470 kΩ     C3 220 nF              U1 Aurel TX FM […]

Amplifier 30W circuit diagram with STK465

Amplifier 30W circuit diagram with STK465 parts R1 = 1K C1 = 1uF/35V R2 = 3,3K C2 = 470pF R3 = 100 C3 = 100uF/60V R4 = 330 C4 = 100uF/60V R5 = 3,3K C5 = 10uF/60V R6 = 1K C6 = 47uF/60V R7 = 0,33 C7 = 8,2pF R8 = 33k C8 = 0,1uF […]

tube Amplifier circuit for Guitar

tube Amplifier circuit for Guitar using 12AX7, 6BM8, 5Y3GT

STK 100W Audio Amplifier Circuit

100W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK0100, 2SA984, D5442, 2SC2912, 2SC2274, 2SA608

Tube Amp using EL34

Tube Amp using EL34 35W Electronic Parts R1=470K 0,5W R13-21=820K 0.5W R12-23= 180K 0.5W R2-5= 2K2 0.5W R14-22=5K6  0.5W R3=150K 0.5W R15-20= 680K 0.5W R4= 220K 0.5W R16-19=100K 0.5W R6-10= 56K 0.5W R17-18=3K3 1W R7=3.9K 0.5W R24=470R  2W R8= 220R  0.5W R9= 1M  0.5W R11= 39K 1W C2=220pF 600v C8-9=0.1uF 630V C10-14=0.47uF 630V C4-5=16uF 550V […]

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