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Posts tagged seven segment displays

Segment Counter circuit

Segment Counter circuit 7 Segment LED Counter circuit Diagram using NE555, CD4033

4 Channel Audio Mixer circuit

4 Channel Audio Mixer circuit using TL084, 74HC4052, LM31B, 74HC000, 74HC73-2, LM6361N, 1N4148

Circuit can be used for multiple Camera – Switch to monitor

Circuit can be used for multiple cameras with one monitor. The circuit can be operated manually or automatically. When operated automatically the switch will be connected to the output of 555 astable multivibrator that will send a continous square wave in the 4017 counter. When counter is running, the 5 transistor will switch one by […]

Circuit Audio using TDA1554

RF power amplifier design

RF power amplifier design using MGA86563 triquint semiconductor RF power amplifier design circuit using MGA86563 triquint semiconductor

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