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Making USB using RS232 converter

Making USB using RS232 converter works really well with all the devices I tried. USB to RS232 converter can also use FT8U232AM and Maxim-IC MAX235 If no FT8U232AM, could also use TTL level RS232 signals. The FT8U232AM and supporting components are also available as a complete module – called USBMOD1 – in 32pin DIL IC […]

10.000 watt wind turbine

10.000 watt wind turbine Product Features: High Availability: Constantly produces power from 5.6mph up to more than 95 mph Performance: Highly efficient aerodynamic blades and system design guarantee superior performance. Hybrid system: The charge controller can incorporate 10.000 watt wind and 250W solar power together to simultaneously charge the same bank of batteries Load control: […]

battery charger schematic

Dry Cell battery charger schematic using LM741, 4011, BD139, BC548


NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR DOLBY NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR circuit using KA22712 DOLBY B-TYPE NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR The KA22712 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for in Dolby* B-type noise reduction systems. FEATURES Few external components. Low quiescent circuit current (Typ Iccq=4.5mA) High crosstalk rejection ratio. Built in NR-switch, REC/PB-switch. Recommended supply voltage: Vcc=6.5V~16V. DOLBY  NOISE REDUCTION […]

Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK4311

Audio Amplifier Circuit Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK4311

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