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Make a simple power amplifier – LM 380

This is Make a simple power amplifier – LM 380. Almost all the components are contained in a single 14 pin package and requiring few external components. The supply voltage can be from about 8 volts to not more than 15 volts. The device is supposed to have internal current limiting and be almost indestructable. […]

150 What Car Power Amplifier schema

The LF353 of, National Semiconductor, is going to split audio signal into three bands. SANYO’S LA47536 is going to amplify these signals. In stereo mode, we shall have the action of eight high speakers who are going to create a very important sound pressure. Wide Bandwidth Dual JFET Input Operational 150 What Car Power Amplifier […]

Flame detection circuit diagram

Fire alarm beeping circuit diagram flame detection circuit flame detector sensor flame detector principle    

600W amplifying circuit

600W amplifying circuit using LM3886, ZTX450

Where can i get service manual/schematic diagram for sony tv KV-HS29?

patleyrpp01 asked: I am looking for service manual and circuit diagram for sony television model number KV-HS29M61

Single Chip 60W Audio circuit

Single Chip 60W Audio circuit using LM3886

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