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Hi-fi bass treble circuit

Hi-fi bass treble circuit diagram using IC NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558 This Hi-fi bass trebele circuit diagram using IC NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558, can be operated with wide range supply voltage, 12V – 24V DC  + GRN –. Three potensiometers used for sound adjustment: volume level, bass and treble level. Use good components […]

op-amp Circuits

op-amp Circuits op-amp Audio Mixer Circuits diagramwith NE5532 op-amp Circuits op-amp Circuits

Make Circuit electronics of a remote control car

Make Circuit electronics of a remote control car Make circuit electronics of a remote control car unit which makes use of the radio frequency signals to control various electrical appliances. This remote control unit has 4 channels which can be easily extended to 12.

Audio power amplifier circuit

  Audio power amplifier circuit 140W Audio power amplifier circuit using 2N3569, 2N3055, MPS6533, 2N4355 140 W Audio power amplifier circuit How to Select the Best Audio Amplifier for Your Design What is a Class D audio amplifier? What is a Class C amplifier? How does an audio amplifier circuit work? How does a Class […]

Midi Interface

Midi Interface audio circuit mixer

PWM Controller IC

PWM Controller IC Circuit and schema using MAX17000A on VDDQ, VTT, and VTTR The MAX17000A is a PWM controller IC which provides complete power solutions in notebook DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory. This consists of step-down controller, source-sink LDO regulator, and reference buffer are required to generate VDDQ, VTT, and VTTR rail. PWM Controller IC

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