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Posts tagged Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Module

Audio hi fi booster circuit

Audio Crossover Circuit using Switch ON / Switch OFF . Audio hi fi booster circuit ,Voice will be smaller when the IC TL072 not Enable or switch “OFF“ Hi–Fi Audio Power Circuit Diagram

Simple Amplifier circuit using LM

Simple Amplifier circuit using LM1875 Stereo Audio Amplifier electronic circuits

Battery Charger circuit diagram

Battery Charger circuit diagram using PICAXE-08, 1N4004, BC338, 78L05, 7812

Home audio amplifier

Home audio amplifier 100W power amp using TR Home audio amplifier

Motor Speed Control

Motor Speed Control The circuit that I chose for this assignment, is the motor project. The AC circuit will be used to control the speed, of a AC motor. This can be done by creating a Visual Basic program, to interface with the motor and the PC. The input from the client, will be in […]

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