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Guitar headphone amp circuit

Guitar headphone amp circuit using NE5534, OPA2604, MJE340, MJE350 If you intend to use the headphone amp circuit with guitar

Headphone amplifier ic

Headphone amplifier ic circuit using TL072, BD139, BD140

TV Circuit board diagram?

sanje1974 asked: How can i locate LG-21FA20 tv curcit board diagram

battery charger schematic

Dry Cell battery charger schematic using LM741, 4011, BD139, BC548


5 BAND Audio GRAPHIC EQUALIZER AMPLIFIER using KA2223 5 BAND Audio GRAPHIC EQUALIZER AMPLIFIER using KA2223 The KA2223 is a monolithic integrated circuit consisting of an operational amplifier with five resonant circuits and a active filter, an it is suitable for radio-cassette tape recorders, car stereos or music center audio systems. FEATURES Tone control with […]

Digital clock circuit

Full mode 24 hour digital clock circuit R40102E

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