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Mini Guitar Amp circuit using TDA7052

Mini Guitar Amp circuit using TDA7052 R1    22K C1    10µF  25V C2    100nF  63V C3    220µF  25V IC1   TDA7052 SPKR    8 Ohm  Loudspeaker B1            9V, 3V  Battery

What device is used to check capacitors in electronic circuits?

anuraganimax asked: How can I check whether or not a capacitor is faulty?

what do mic preamps do???

what do mic preamps do??? Top Mic Preamp use TBA231 Dual Tube Preamp preamp mic using TBA231 2-channel mic instrument preamp XLR mic ins instrument ins balanced outs phantom power ultra-compact 5Hz-50kHz frequency response If you’re looking for a whole lot of preamp on a tight budget, you’ll see where this popular product gets its […]

LCD Oscilloscope

Schematic of LCD Oscilloscope

no picture and audio on my TV?

Bernardo B asked: there is no picture and audio on my TV when i turn-on my TV, but there’s a sound thuk from the speaker when i plug-in the supply cord. i tried to open the back of the TV to check if the fuse is ok and it seems to be good. i trace […]

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