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Satellite TV Receivers

Satellite TV Receivers Circuit 2.7GHz Frequency Synthesizer For Satellite TV Using TD7626F and TD7626FN Satellite TV circuit Using TD7626F and TD7626FN

Audio level meter

audio vu meter Audio level meter using BC107 Audio level meter using BC107

Electrical Engineering – Diagram Equipments

Basic Electrical Engineering Diagram Equipments

Making TV remote control blocker

Make circuit electronics TV remote control blocker Circuit diagram of this function shifts the frequency of 38 kHz TV remote and the remote will be jammed. This is necessary to set the 10K potentiometer while pointing the device at your TV to block the IR rays from the remote. This can be done by trial […]

2N3055 MJ2955 Schema and Layout for PA

2N3055  MJ2955 Schema and Layout for Audio

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