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Infrared Motion Detector schema diagram

Infrared Motion Detector electronic circuit schematic diagram Using TR 2N2222, SY32PT    

IR Photodetector circuit diagram

IR detector circuit using 2N2222, LM567, BC558 IR detector circuit using 2N2222, LM567, BC558

Digital tuning Circuit for fm satelit

Digital tuning Circuit for fm satelit using U2514B U2514B AM / FM Receiver Digital Tuning with Stereo Decoder

Variable Power Supplies

Variable Power Supplies circuit using 2N3906, LM317, LM337, LM324, MJ2955, 7805, 2N3055, 2N3905 Parts: P1_500R P2_10K R1,R2_2K2 R3_330R R4_150R R5_1R C1_3300µF C2_1µF D1,D2_1N5402 D3_5mm Q1_BC182 Q2_BD139 Q3_BC212 Q4 _2N3055 T1_220V Primary, This Variable Power Supplies circuit has a current limit feature, in case there is a short circuit or other problem places. Here’s a circuit […]

Computer Monitor Repair

Computer Monitor Repair LA7830 for Computer Monitor Repair and Color TV Vertical Deflection Output Circuit diagram Color TV and Monitor Vertical Deflection Output Circuit using LA7830

Wiring 3 way lights

Wiring 3 way lights

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