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Automotive horn circuit

Automotive horn circuit   how does a car horn work diagram, electric horn working principle pdf, how does a car horn button work, car horns sounds, car horn decibels, frequency of a car horn, klaxon horn, car horn not working

Infra red switch circuit

Infra red switch circuit using 555

TTL RS232 driver circuit and Protect the PC from direct connection to hazardous voltages

TTL RS232 driver circuit. TTL driver circuit consists of 2 transistors and a few other passive components, a negative voltage for RS232 logic generated by the capacitor C7. TTL to RS232 driver circuit and a variable voltage output driver has a parallel termination impedance to match cable and TTL driver circuit, and provides the best […]

Schematic Delay

Electronic Schematic Base band Delay Line using TDA4661 Baseband Delay Line using TDA4661 Electronic Schematic Base band Delay Line using TDA4661 General Description The TDA4661 is an integrated baseband delay line circuit with one line delay. It is suitable for decoders with colour-difference signal outputs (R-Y) and (B-Y) Features Two comb filters, using the switched-capacitor […]

Radio digital ic circuit

Radio digital ic circuit IC tunes in to digital radio

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