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Posts tagged Digitouch volume Control Schematic

Digitouch volume Control Schematic – TruEffect

Auto volume level circuit using TL082 Volume Control Schematic automatic volume control circuit for audio amplifier circuit using TL082

Engineering Tools – Timbangan digital circuit

Engineering Tools – Timbangan digital circuit using 555

How to Make a Power amp 400 w

This power amp has a power output of 400 w Power supply Voltage amps 400 w + / – 70v and 1.5 V input sensitivity If you want a power amp 400 w choose the perfect audio component of good

Latching Switch Circuit

Latching Switch Circuit using CD74C14, CD6069, PMV65XP

Energy Meter circuit

Energy Meter circuit using ADE7756AN, PIC6F62BA, LM2940CT-5, 1N4004, STP30NE06L

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