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Timer using LM555

Timer using LM555 Electronic Circuit Timer using LM555 LM555 Electronics Schematic Diagram Cascaded Time Delay Circuits part 14

Touch switch project

Touch switch project using 4011, BC557

Circuit can be used for multiple Camera – Switch to monitor

Circuit can be used for multiple cameras with one monitor. The circuit can be operated manually or automatically. When operated automatically the switch will be connected to the output of 555 astable multivibrator that will send a continous square wave in the 4017 counter. When counter is running, the 5 transistor will switch one by […]

RGB Circuit using MC1377

RGB Circuit to PAL – NTSC using MC1377 Parts : R1 1 kΩ                  C1 1 nF R2 2.2 kΩ              C2 100 nF            Qz cristal 4.433691 R3 75 Ω                  C3 22 µF R4 75 Ω                   C4 22 µF R5 75 Ω                  C5 22 µF R6 1 kΩ                   C6 30 pF […]

Determining the optimum PCB layout

One of the keys in determining the optimum printed circuit board layout is to understand how and where the signal return currents actually flow,  Most designers only think about where the signal current flows  and ignore the path taken by the return current. we must understand how the high frequency current flows in a conductor. […]

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