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Posts tagged Basic Phototransistor Detector

Metal Detector Circuit diagram

Metal Detector Electronic Circuit using IC CS209A – LF347N

Outdoor Motion Sensor schema diagram

Outdoor Motion Sensor using IfraRed Detector Circuit with TSOP4840 A Outdoor Motion Sensor is a device that contains a physical mechanism or electronic sensor that quantifies motion that can be either integrated with or connected Detector Circuit.

Scoreboard circuit

Scoreboard circuit using 7447, 74192

simple Tube Amplifier circuit

simple Tube Amplifier circuit using EL34

STK4141 stereo power amplifier

STK4141 stereo power amplifier circuit based on single IC 2 x 30W Stereo Power Amplifier with STK4141

Digital FM Stereo Demodulator circuit using IC SAA6579T

FM Stereo Demodulator circuit using IC SAA6579T

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