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Digital volume control circuit

Digital volume control circuit DUAL ELECTRONIC VOLUME CONTROL The KA2250 is a CMOS designed for electronization of dual volumes. It is suitable for M/C, car stereos. FEATURES Wide supply voltage range: Vdd=6V~12V (Backup is possible up to 4V) Attenuation can be controlled from 0dB to -66dB by 2dB/step. Controlling attenuation by means of the built […]

stereo tone control circuit

stereo tone control circuit using A726 and C1313

Digital Control Circuit

Digital Control Circuit for Switching using 4013B, 4060B, 1N4148, C954, 1N4004, 2N7000

Relay and motor wiring diagram

Relay and motor wiring diagram Relay and motor wiring diagram

Schema Timer for Intervals

Schema timer for intervals of 5 to 30 minutes incremented in 5 minute steps. Timer function to activate an output with a time interval can be set. Done via the timing of setting the value (preset value). The timer will work if given the input and a clock pulse. For the clock pulse is supplied […]

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