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Audio compressor circuit diagram

Audio compressor circuit diagram using TL01474CN  

tube amplifier Circuit

tube amplifier Circuit using LT1065, EL34, 1N4007, B40C3700, 1N4001

This Battery Charger schema

Protector Battery Charger schema Diagram using BC548, LM317T, 1N4004, 1N4148

Electronic Components TA8445K Vertical deflection circuit

Electronic Components TA8445K Vertical deflection circuit

Fire alarm circuit diagram

Fire alarm circuit diagram Thermistor works as the heat sensor Simple fire alarm circuit using thermistor and BC558 , BC548 , NE555. Makes an alarm when the fire brakes. Circuit diagram of the audio speaker 8 ohm 1w. fire alarm circuit This is a really interesting explanation of the electrical process in low cost Fire […]

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