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Audio power amplifier circuit

  Audio power amplifier circuit 140W Audio power amplifier circuit using 2N3569, 2N3055, MPS6533, 2N4355 140 W Audio power amplifier circuit How to Select the Best Audio Amplifier for Your Design What is a Class D audio amplifier? What is a Class C amplifier? How does an audio amplifier circuit work? How does a Class […]

Infrared Spectroscopy

infrared spectroscopy electronic circuits

PLC an electronic computer – PLC Programming Training, industrial environments

Definition Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) is an electronic computer that is easy to use control functions for various types and levels of various difficulty. Definition Programmable Logic Controller according Capiel (1982) are: electronic systems that operate digitally and is designed for use in industrial environments, where the system uses a programmable memory for internal storage […]

LM339 IC for Voltage Detector and Circuit Diagram

LM339 IC for Voltage Detector and Circuit Diagram

Preamp mic schematic and Audio Megaphone

Preamp mic schematic and Audio Megaphone using BC547, TDA7052 P1_____________22K R1_____________22K R2,R3_________ 100K R4_____________47K R5______________2K2 R6______________6K8 R7_____________22K R8______________2K7 C1,C6_________ 100nF  63V C2,C3__________10µF  63V C4_____________22µF  25V C5_____________22nF  63V C7____________ 470µF  25V Q1_ BC547 IC1 TDA7052 SW1____________SPST MIC____________electret microphone SPKR___________8 Ohm Loudspeaker

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