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Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor electronic circuit The USB Humidity measures the relative humidity and air temperature though a hole in the middle of the housing. The device contains a calibrated precision sensor with a measurement accuracy of ±2 % relative humidity and ±0.4°C in most part of measurement range.The size of the device is about […]

Tube Amp Power transformer – Tube Guitar Amplifier Analysis

Tube Amp Power transformer – Tube Guitar Amplifier Analysis Vintage Analysis Class AB Push-Pull audio amplifier is presented using electronic components such as vacuum tubes, magnetic transformers. EVERY musician AGREE that class AB power vacuum tube guitar amplifiers have been refined in the 1950s with the design Fender Bassman 5F6-A. Over the years since its […]


LM3915 Audio level led indicator circuit diagram

TV signal amplifier circuit?

Nish asked: Need a circuit diagram to amplify both VHF and UHF signals received from the outdoor VHF/UHF antenna. This circuit should have a high gain output.

Circuit Diagram Converter trigger signal causes the 555 to discharge the capacitor for synchronization

LM1881 is used to do all the grunt work of separating the sync signals from the composite video. The chip provides the vertical sync on pin 3 for the vertical oscillator, and composite sync on pin 1 for the horizontal oscillator. The intensity signal comes from the composite video signal itself, but is negative. I […]

Stereo Audio vu meter circuit

stereo Audio vu meter circuit using KA2281 Stereo Audio vu meter circuit using KA2281

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