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Simple Audio Amplifier Circuits

60 w Audio Amplifier Circuits op amp circuit diagram using 074 Transistor audio power amplifier circuit TL074,TIP111, TIP116, TIP34B, TIP33B 35v supply

Amplifier Schematic

Amplifier Schematic 4000W Power amplifier schematic using MJ15003, MJ15004, 2N4538, 2N6421, 2N6433

Audio amplifying

Audio amplifying circuit using KA2214

Electronic Breaker Collection

Electronic Circuit Breaker Collection Electronic Breaker Collection Collection of “Electronic and Electric Engineering” This is part of the lesson and practice of Electric and electronics. And most people expect to have the expertise and experience in the field theory of this technology. This collection has been designed … in 1980, until now, it’s all there […]

Frequency Signal Generator

Frequency Signal Generator signal generator Frequency Signal Generator using Crystal Oscillator Signal Generator Frequency for your electronic equipment supplies in repairing electronic devices

Led circuit – Power Supply

Led circuit – Power Supply Led circuit for the Power Supply using BD139 Power Supply circuit – 16VAC x 2 (ct) to 39v using ZD30v Led circuit for the Power Supply The size of the LED and resistor to supply some tips on supply, and of course will provide many details about the LED driver […]

Switching Regulator and linear Regulator circuit for all electronic resources

Switching regulator and linear regulator circuit for all electronic resources Switching regulators is an inductor stores energy, Energy Switching regulators can be expressed in Joules as a function of current. A switching regulator inductors have no voltage drop and current flow-related but 90 degrees out of phase with the voltage. Because of this, energy can […]

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