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Amplifier Schematic

Amplifier Schematic 4000W Power amplifier schematic using MJ15003, MJ15004, 2N4538, 2N6421, 2N6433

Audio amplifying

Audio amplifying circuit using KA2214

qsc power amplifiers TDA2616 Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram TDA2616

Guitar Effects circuit

GGuitar effects circuit diagrams Guitar Effects Schematics Guitar Effects circuit guitar effects circuit diagrams fuzz effect circuit build effects pedals how to build guitar effects effectrode modify guitar pedals simple guitar effects circuit

Demodulator Tuner

FM Stereo Demodulator Tuner Part R1,7,9     1K R2     18K R3     12K R4     680 Ohm R5,6     3K9 R8,10     22K R11,12     1M5 R13     220 Ohm R14,16     3K3 R15,17     330 Ohm C1     500pF C2     1uF/16V C3     33nF C4     470pF C5     470nF C6,7    […]

3V LED Flasher 3 colour Circuit

3V LED Flasher 3 colour Circuit using 2N2222, 2907

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