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Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar Amplifiers 12v High Power Amp for Guitar 12v High guitar amplifiers

Audio Power Amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier using IC M5152L and LA4440 Audio Power Amplifier using IC M5152L and LA4440

Electronics Projects

Electronics Projects Electronics Circuit IC LM386 Alarm circuit Buzzer Ultrasonic Electronics Circuit Collection of LM386 Data sheet Home intercom Microphone circuit Walkie talkie Amplifier Circuit Board

Audio Car Honda Jazz

Audio Car Honda Jazz Wiring Diagram Audio Car Honda Jazz Kenwood K-CD01 Adapters & Equipment, Audio Car Honda Jazz, Car Honda Jazz, Car Stereo, Car Stereo & Audio Installation Kits, Cruise Control, Honda Civic Car Stereo Radio Wiring Diagram, Honda civic radio wiring diagram, Honda Fit Car Stereo Wiring Diagram, Honda Jazz, Kenwood DDX8032, Request […]

what type amplifier should used to see clear picture?

Onkar asked: we have two TV sets in my home. The first one is connected to dish antenna via set-top box. second one is connected to same set-top box by coaxial cable & it is far from it. so clear picture is not receiving. please help or give the circuit diagram for the amplifier.

Audio systems

7.5w Audio systems Circuit using AN7108 R1,4 …….. 330 ohm R2,5 …….. 5K6 R3,6 …….. 180K VR ………. 5K C1,3,5,7 …. 1nF C2,6 …….. 10uF/10V C4,8 …….. 22nF C9 ………. 100uF/10V C10,11,15 … 47uF/10V C16,17 …… 22nF IC1 ……… AN7108 7.5w Audio systems Circuit using AN7108

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