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Posts tagged 3 way active crossover

3 way active crossover , 4 Way Crossover Schema

3 way active crossover , 4 Way Crossover Schema 4 way active crossover, Audio Trebel, Audio Midel, Audio Sub wofer, Audio Midel Bas    

Cmos Integrated Circuits

AD9852AST Cmos Integrated Circuits

Audio hi fi booster circuit

Audio Crossover Circuit using Switch ON / Switch OFF . Audio hi fi booster circuit ,Voice will be smaller when the IC TL072 not Enable or switch “OFF“ Hi–Fi Audio Power Circuit Diagram

Mini Audio amp circuit

Mini Audio amp circuit using MC34119

Circuit electronics Carrier Oscillator

Carrier oscillator is a crystal controlled oscillator using two numbers of BC548. The circuit does not use any coils or turned circuits. First BC548 is used as oscillator second BC548 is used as buffer. The carrier oscillator frequency is offset by 1.5 KHz above ladder filter (IF) frequency. The carrier oscillator frequency can be varied […]

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