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op amp Compressor Circuit using IC1 4558

op amp Compressor Circuit using IC1 4558     IC1 4558 J1 Jumper J2 Jumper J3 Jumper Fet: Q1 2N5457 Q2 2N5457

Audio Recorder Circuit

Audio Recorder Circuit using LM324, PIC16F84A, ULN2803A, 1N4148, 2N3904

What device is used to check capacitors in electronic circuits?

anuraganimax asked: How can I check whether or not a capacitor is faulty?

60W Guitar Amplifier circuit diagram using MJ11015 MJ11016

60W Guitar Amplifier circuit diagram using MJ11015 MJ11016 Amplifier parts: R1 6K8 1W R2,R4 470R 1/4W R3 2K 1/2W Trimmer Cermet R5,R6 4K7 1/2W R7 220R 1/2W R8 2K2 1/2W R9 50K 1/2W Trimmer Cermet R10 68K 1/4W R11,R12 R47 4W C1,C2,C4,C5 47µF 63V C3 100µF 25V C6 33pF 63V C7 1000µF 50V C8 2200µF […]

Car Audio Sound

Car Audio Sound Schematic Audio Car Toyota Yaris car audio sound Car Audio Sound Car audio technician, car audio design, car audio denver, car audio installer, audio for car,car stereo audio, stereo car audio, sound car audio, car audio sound, car systems audio, audio systems car, car audio wiring, auto car audio, car audio wiring […]

Radio remote control circuits

Radio remote control circuits The easy way to detect the tv remote is damaged or not Remote Control Breakers Circuit diagram remote control wireless Circuit Using 555 Remote Control Transmitter circuit TV remote control blocker Remote Control Circuit Breaker using 2SA104, 2SB187, 2SB22 IR remote control light, using relay Infrared Spectroscopy Radio Remote Control using […]

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