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Automotive 0v to 12v InPowered Indicator

Automotive 0v to 12v Electrical Voltage Indicator using 74HC04, 74HCT04

Simple Audio Circuit

Simple Audio Circuit using LM386

Geophone Detector Circuit

Geophone Detector Circuit using LMC6462

mtx audio amplifiers circuit

mtx audio amplifiers circuit using TDA7293V

Led Emergency Light Circuit Diagram Without Transformer

Led Emergency Light 6v 1Ah – Circuit Diagram – 220v to 6v Without Transformer I got 6v 1Ah rechargeable batter and 220v to 6v step down without transformer.

35W Amplifier circuit

35W Amplifier circuit using NE540, 2N3055, MJ2955 35W Amplifier circuit using NE540, 2N3055, MJ2955 This is a class C amplifier, this means, that a current must flow through the end transistors, even if there is no signal on the input. This current can be regulated with the 600Ω trimmer resistor. As this current incrases, the […]

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