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A PLC works by continually scanning a program. We can think of this scan cycle as consisting of 3 important steps. There are typically more than 3 but we can focus on the important parts and not worry about the others. Typically the others are checking the system and updating the current internal counter and […]

Simple POWER Amplifier circuit

Simple POWER Amplifier circuit using IRFP150N, BC550C Simple POWER Amplifier for audio car

Bass power amp

Bass power amp using MJL4281, BD139, BC559

OP AMP AUDIO circuit using LM833DG

OP AMP AUDIO circuit using LM833DG OP AMP AUDIO circuit, DUAL LOW NOISE using LM833DG AMP, AUDIO, DUAL LOW NOISE, Op-Amp Audio Amplifier, Op amp circuit, Best Audio Op-Amps Circuit, Best Audio Circuit, pre amplificador audio op amp, Simple IC Op Amp Circuit using LM833DG Channels : 2, Output Power : 500mW, Supply Voltage Range : […]

Noise sensor circuit for light switch

Noise sensor circuit for light switch using HEP801, HEP50 Parts : R1 1.5 MΩ      C1 100 µF       D1 1N4007 R3 3.9 kΩ        C2 1 µF           Q1 HEP801 R4 150 kΩ       C3 10 µF         Q2 HEP50 R5 18 kΩ         C4 10 µF R6 560 Ω         C5 1 µF […]

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