Solar cell is essentially an active element that turns sunlight into electrical energy.

countries crossed by the equator and receives more heat than other countries, so as to have a very large potential for developing solar power plants. Various installations of solar cells has been widely used, although only a few community groups who
Own solar cell material consists of the protective glass and a transparent adhesive material that protects the solar cell material from environmental conditions, anti-reflection material to absorb more light and reduce the amount of light reflected. Solar cell is a pn junction of silicon single crystal. By using photo-electric effect of semiconductor materials, solar cells can convert sunlight directly into electricity direction.

Sell Solar How it Works
Photovoltaic cells convert the suns radiant energy into electrical energy. When photons collide with PV cells, they excite electrons on the surface that shake loose and start a flow of electrons, or direct current (DC electricity. The amount of power and the strength of that power (voltage) will vary depending on the number and configuration of the solar cells, the orientation of the cells, the temperature, and intensity of the sunlight. This is called the photovoltaic effect.
If the solar cell was charged at the sun, the electrons and holes occur. Hence, in the electron-electron and hole-hole went through the junction, the potential difference arising at both ends of the solar cells. If at both ends of the solar cells will arise given the load current that flows through and how beban.Bahan safe working environment to make solar cells as a result of technologies that efficient power plants for alternative energy sources in the future society.