pcb repair

Circuit boards are more complex today thanPCB Repair

ever before but despite how severely damaged

they may be they can be repaired. Indeed the

high value of many circuit boards demands

that they be repaired.

Just a few years ago circuit boards were much

simpler and repairs were relatively easy.

Today circuit boards have fine pitch

components ball grid arrays and fine line

circuits making them a challenge to repair.

Yet we’re driven by simple economics and must

repair damaged circuit boards whenever

possible. This manual is designed to help you

repair and ship good reliable circuit boards

that might otherwise be consigned to scrap.

Because of its high demands, pcb repair has been accurately compared to

surgery.PCB Repair Whether repairing surface mount pads

or repairing damaged internal circuitry, the

technical knowledge and manual skills needed

for high reliability repair and rework are

indeed demanding. Since today’s repair

procedures are more sophisticated than ever


The damaged sections of pcb were covered with the teflon tape and then all holes had to be replicated. If the copper track had lifted away, I simply glued it down with Loctite superglue .

To clean up PCB using a brass wire brush