Prior to engaging a new client PCB Design Jobs, our PCB designer meets with their staff to jointly develop the “road map” to complete the project. PCB design tutorial This includes:

1) Review of the perspective project requirements.
2) Review of mechanical design constraints
3) Review of part data from schematic to build symbols for PCB
4) Contact Project Engineer with any missing data on parts
5) If needed modify netlist with part updates
6) Read in netlist and verify issues crossing the wall into layout
7) Place fixed position components
8) Place all other parts based on flow or Project Engineering instructions
9) Send file to Project Engineer for review and comments
10) Reposition components per Project Engineering suggestions as necessary
11) Route the board based on required minimum design specs provided by Project Engineer
12) Send file to Project Engineer for review and comments
13) Clean silkscreen and make adjustments to routing based on Project Engineer’s comments and output artwork for Project Engineering review as well as Pro E files and DXF files for Mechanical reviewPCB design tutorial