Hi-fi bass treble circuit diagram using IC NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558

Hi-fi bass treble

bass treble circuit using NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558


This Hi-fi bass trebele circuit diagram using IC NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558, can be operated with wide range supply voltage, 12V – 24V DC  + GRN. Three potensiometers used for sound adjustment: volume level, bass and treble level.

Use good components (IC ,such as metalfilm resistors, MKM capacitors, tantalum capacitors, good cable quality) and stabilized/regulated power supply for better sound quality output, of course it will be need more cost. 🙂

The quality of components, IC and power supply will affect the quality of the output.

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