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Amplifiers Audio

Amplifiers Audio using LA4162 circuit board

Radio Circuit

Making Radio Circuit Here there are a variety of radio series that you can compare, where appropriate and the most perfect.  In a radio receiver must know about the advantages and disadvantages of the radio series and types of components used. R1     100KO R2     2.2KO VR1     50KO D1    LED C1    […]

Circuit Board Led

Circuit Board Led using CD4017 and LM555

Audio amplifier circuit diagram using transistor

Audio amplifier circuit diagram using transistor How to build a simple amplifier circuit

Schema Timer for Intervals

Schema timer for intervals of 5 to 30 minutes incremented in 5 minute steps. Timer function to activate an output with a time interval can be set. Done via the timing of setting the value (preset value). The timer will work if given the input and a clock pulse. For the clock pulse is supplied […]

Tips on how to repair electronic devices

Tips on how to repair electronic devices Before the repair of electronic devices we must first know the blocks of the parts, it is very important because by knowing the block, we can easily determine and track the defective component, such as how to find a block of television is a machine we must know […]

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