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Radio Circuit

Making Radio Circuit Here there are a variety of radio series that you can compare, where appropriate and the most perfect.  In a radio receiver must know about the advantages and disadvantages of the radio series and types of components used. R1     100KO R2     2.2KO VR1     50KO D1    LED C1    […]

Electrical wiring diagram circuit

Guide Wiring Diagram Electrical wiring diagram circuit for your home should be according to plan and rules, because the wiring diagram in the work will be much risk if not properly and lack of experience. How to do the job right wiring diagram circuit ? answer is to ask an expert or search for information […]

75W Power Amplifier circuit

75W Power Amplifier circuit based using STK465 75W Power Amplifier circuit based using STK465 Here is stereo of the circuit diagram of a power amplifier with the STK465 single power chip which is supported by several components that make a better sound output. This amplifier is a single output amplifier, so if you want a […]

stereo amplifier circuit diagram

stereo amplifier circuit diagram using ADAU1592

Cell voltage converter circuit

Cell voltage converter using ZSCT15555, BAS16, FMMT3906, ZHCS750

Leds dimmer circuit and alarm circuit

Leds dimmer and alarm circuit using CD4066

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