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TV Circuit

TV Circuit with audio wireless FM This simple circuit using BF494 . Where audio receiver? he he ……………………..                 yes fm radio on your cell phone. Then wear head phones while seeing adult film let steady. Part: R1 100 kΩ       C1 4,7 nF        Q1 BF494 R2 33 kΩ         C2 Trimmer R3 22 kΩ         C3 47 […]

Audio Amplifier Circuit

Audio Amplifier Circuit using IC TDA8571 audio out 40w x 4 , This complete high quality, and low noise . Part : C1 100 nF C2 2200 µF C3 470 nF C4 470 nF C5 470 nF C6 470 nF IC TDA8571

consumer goods why arnt they repairable?

steve50 asked: many years ago as a tv man i could repair many tv’s in customers houses there were known brands and real wood cabinets some even came with circuit diagrams in the box. now they are all made in foreign lands no circuits and if a main part has gone its scrap time even […]

Switches Diagram for traffic signs

Switches Diagram for traffic signs

Range Meter Circuit

Radio Frequency Meter – Range Meter Circuit Schematic diagram of the signal strength meter – Range Meter Circuit using 1N4148

Power audio stereo and layout

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