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Make High Power LED Flasher

Make High Power LED Flasher using PMV65XP, ZXM61N02F, 3906, 3904 circuit

Higher brightness variable circuit

Higher brightness variable circuit using LM334Z, BC558

TV remote control blocker

TV remote control blocker using 555 ON electronic circuits diagrams

45W Power Amplifier circuit

45W Power Amplifier circuit using HA13001

where can i get circuit/schematic diagrams of any electrical/electronics equipment?

jjbest asked: I have been trying my best to put some few things together as per building electronics and electrical equipment but i really lack circuit diagrams that can put me through. i presntly need a circuit diagram of an inverter with atleast 20kVA output.

Vertical Monitor

Color TV and monitor Vertical Deflection Output Circuit using LA7833 and la7620

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