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4 channel Audio Mixer circuits using IC CA3048

4 channel Audio Mixer circuits using IC CA3048 R1 500 k Ω      C1 0.47 µF      U1 CA3048 R2 820 Ω         C2 50 µF         U2 CA3048 R3 100 Ω         C3 0.008 µF    U3 CA3048 R4 8.2 k Ω       C4 0.008 µF    U4 CA3048 R5 8.2 k Ω       […]

Electronic circuit to fill the IC EEPROM MEMORY

Electronic circuit to fill the IC EEPROM MEMORY Based on its memory capacity is usually written with a number 24CXX, For XX is its capacity in Kbit. Example: 24C08 means its capacity 8 kilobits. In many stores that sell the number 24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24c32 which sold in its data store is empty. […]

Schematic diagram of the MAX2338 hp at the sound amplifier

The MAX2338 receiver RF front-end IC is designed for dual-band CDMA cellular phones and can also be used in dual-band TDMA, GSM, or EDGE cellular phones. Thanks to the MAX2338’s on-chip low-power LO divider, the cellular VCO module can be eliminated. The includes a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with an adjustable high-input third-order intercept point (IIP3) […]

Circuit diagram SSB TRANSCEIVER 80M / 40M

Units units include: 1. Exciter section working on the frequency of 3250 Kc s / d 3450 Kc. 2. RF section Oscilator Crystal Unit worked on Frekwnsi In the 80 M Ayala Oscilator Kristal is 7200 Kc In the 40 M Ayala Oscilator Kristal is 10,400 Kc 3. RF PA section I make this transceiver […]

Electronic Circuit Diagram 400V with mosfet for ac matic and dimer

Electronic Circuit Diagram 400V with   mosfet  for acmatic and dimer

Audio Amplifier Circuit STK060

30 w Audio Amplifier Circuit STK060   Audio Amplifier Circuit STK060

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