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Digital Control

Digital Control Circuit for Switching using 4001B, 4N35 The continuous controller enclosed in the dashed square can be replaced by a digital controller shown below that performs same control task as the continuous controller. The basic difference between these controllers is that the digital system operates on discrete signals or samples of the sensed signal […]

Timer Astable circuit

Timer Astable circuit using PIC12F629

Simple Flasher Circuit Using Relay

Simple Flasher Circuit Using Relay, 40104, 45104, 74C14, 2N7000

Vocal ELiminator circuit

Vocal ELiminator circuit using TL084 This neat little circuit will remove the vocals

Audio level meter

audio vu meter Audio level meter using BC107 Audio level meter using BC107

9W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK436

9W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK436

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