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TDA2822 Car audio amplifier schematic diagrams. 60W Car Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA2822M TDA2822


Circute Electronic Diagram at afiata.com

Feedback Exterminator Storing Microphone

Feedback Exterminator Storing Microphone Circuit diagram Feedback Exterminator Storing Microphone using Transistor

How to Make a Power amp 400 w

This power amp has a power output of 400 w Power supply Voltage amps 400 w + / – 70v and 1.5 V input sensitivity If you want a power amp 400 w choose the perfect audio component of good

Electronic circuit diagram audio amplifier AN7171 13w

Electronic circuit diagram audio amplifier AN7171 13w

TV transmitter VHF Bands I, II, or band III

This TV transmitter will handle frequencies up to about 250MHz, so it will work perfectly if you have on your telly. In principle, the transmitter should work up to 500MHz or more, using the BF959 bipolar transistor. You should be able to generate a signal on UHF channel 21, but I have not (yet) tried […]

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