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60W Audio Amplifier Circuit STK4392

60W Audio Amplifier Circuit STK4392 Class G/H headphone amplifiers. No compromise to power/performance on Sanyo Amplifiers ISO 9001 certified, full warranty

40 – 0 – 40 5A transformer Circuit diagram

40 – 0 – 40 5A transformer Circuit diagram The power supply should be capable of supplying the maximum current required with good stabilization. I used commercially available 40 – 0 – 40 5A transformer. The transformer have 6V, 9V, 12V and 22V windings also. The transformer cost me around Rs: 370. Power supply provides […]

Portable jammer

Portable jammer Portable jammer and signal removal for cell phone, WiFi, and GPS signals Portable jammer, signal removal Portable Signal Jammer circuit 20M Radius. High Power Signal Jammer Portable powerful and portable solution to completely block a nearby cell phone,  WiFi, and GPS signals. Can be used around the world. Strong and effective, this portable […]

Whole House FM Transmitter

Whole House FM Transmitter If the whole house FM transmitter, it must use this FM Transmitter circuit

LM555 Circuits Timer 4 part 11

LM555 Circuits Timer 4 part 11

Home audio amplifier

350w Home audio amplifier Home audio amplifier using MJL21194, MJL21193, MJE15030, MJE340, BF470, BC556, 2SA1084, BF469, MJE15031

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