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Time Delay Circuits using LM555

Time Delay Circuits using LM555 LM555 Electronics Schematic Diagram Time Delay Circuits – Various part 25

LCD Modules diagram

LCD Modules using PCF8574 8 bit I2C LCD Modules using PCF8574 8 bit I2C

Scoreboard circuit

Scoreboard circuit using 7447, 74192

Simple Audio Indicator TAA300

Simple Audio Indicator TAA300 very simple audio oscillator electronic project can be designed using IC TAA300 This circuit is intended to indicate the power output level of any audio amplifier. Simple circuit to power your 9 vol


NE5534 NE5534 fot High Quality Audio Mixer CIRCUIT

Portable audio amplifier schematic

Portable audio amplifier schematic using TA7270P This is simple portable audio amplifier circuit. This circuit built based on IC TA7270P which is a Bridge monolithic integrated audio amplifier

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