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PCB Repair

Circuit Board Repairing

Printed Circuit Board Design and Method

An apparatus and method for providing a vented blind via in pad of a printed circuit board (PCB). A vent in the blind via in pad to allow gases formed during reflow soldering to escape from the solder joint. In one embodiment, the vent extends from the outer edge of the pad to the blind […]

Electronics Schematic Diagram – MAX2659 GPS/GNSS Low-Noise Amplifier

MAX2659 low-noise amplifier (LNA) is designed for GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS applications. Designed in Maxim’s advanced SiGe process, the device achieves a 20.5dB gain and an ultra-low-noise figure of 0.8dB while maximizing the input-referred 1dB compression point and the 3rd-order intercept point at -12dBm and -5dBm, respectively. The MAX2659 operates from a +1.6V to +3.3V […]

PT2399 reverb circuit and layout

PT2399 reverb circuit and layout Part : PT2399 TR C945 PT2399 reverb circuit and layout simple reverb circuit, reverb circuit schematic, spring reverb schematic, pt2399 reverb circuit, spring reverb driver, digital reverb circuit, pt2399 delay schematic, audio echo circuit diagram

Transformerless power supply design. Part : 2

Transformerless power supply design Transformerless power supply design 5V Transformerless power supply design using 7805 Transformerless power supply design This circuit is a small +5V power supply. … and variable power supply circuit of 12 volts using IC 7805 and not any operational amplifier. Transformerless power supply design

Digit Led Display

Digit LED Display for audio level indicator using 7414, 7493A, 1N4148, 5v Led display board for audio level indicator using 7414, 7493A, 1N4148, 5v

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