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Making a joule thief

Making a joule thief How to make a joule thief charger ? This is a very interesting circuit, it will drive 6 volt led from a single 1.5 volt cell. How to make a simple joule thief – Here are the schematic diagrams that are involved with the joule thief circuit A joule thief is […]

PCB Layout IC 4558 op amp

PCB Layout IC 4558 op amp Master stereo using 4558

Trouble with TV with using vcr and cable splitter?

Unknown Prince asked: I have two tv’s im using. Im having trouble getting a clear picture on either of the tvs. Im trying to set up a kind of mini closed circuit. But, each tv has a fuzzy picture. Can anyone tell me why and how to fix it? Here’s the set up: >TV 1 […]

Battery Charger Circuit 12V to 1.2V

Battery Charger Circuit 12V to 1.2V using MAX713, MC33171, LM2904, NTE2904

Electric Heating

Electric Heating circuit Electric Heating and Solar Water Heating System Controller Circuit

home amplifier

home amplifier and Power Supply using LT1083, 7805, LM3308, LM9911U

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