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Electrical Engineering – Diagram Equipments

Basic Electrical Engineering Diagram Equipments

How to Make 2.3 GHz Pre-Amp (Part 1)

This article is own by Grant Hodgson. . Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the reference to an ATF-54143 in John G3XDY’s notes on the pre-amplifier testing results at the November Adastral Park round table, published in the March 2002 Newsletter. Here are some more details of this pre-amp which has some rather interesting properties :- […]

New Circuit – Conductor Layout Guidelines

Description of the New Circuit A brief description of the assembly, product, or sub-system for which this printed circuit board or PCB is currently in development for. Conductor Layout Guidelines Multi-layer Printed Wiring Boards A multi-layer board should be used with internal conductor layers.  Each layer should be separated by a power or ground plane.  […]

50W AF power amplifier Using STK4036II.

50W AF power amplifier Using STK4036II 50W AF power amplifier Using STK4036II

Electronics Circuit Programmable LED light

Electronics Circuit Programmable LED light circuit diagram flashing LED that, after a preset number of flashes will illuminate steadily until P1 Reset Parts: R1______________10K 1/4W R2_______________1M 1/4W R3_______________1K 1/4W C1_______________4µ7 25V C2______________10nF 63V D1___________1N4148 75V 150mA D2______________LED IC1____________4060 B1______________3V to 15V Battery

lm555 lm555c timer

lm555 lm555c timer Circuits

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