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PLC an electronic computer – PLC Programming Training, industrial environments

Definition Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) is an electronic computer that is easy to use control functions for various types and levels of various difficulty. Definition Programmable Logic Controller according Capiel (1982) are: electronic systems that operate digitally and is designed for use in industrial environments, where the system uses a programmable memory for internal storage […]

M52221 DEMO Datasheets is a low-cost development board

The M52221 DEMO Data sheets is a low-cost development board for the Freescale MCF52221 Cold Fire microcontroller.  Application development is quick and easy with the included DB9 serial cable, integrated BDM, and USB cable.  A 128 MB flash-drive and 6-in-1 USB cable provide support for the integrated USB PHY.  CodeWarrior Development Tools provide application develop-ment […]

how to make a circuit

how to make a circuit how to make a circuit how to make a circuit using KA2206 simple audio amplifier project, build a circuit and simple circuit game how to make a circuit 2.3W Dual Audio Power Amplifier circuit using KA2206 how to make a circuit

Audio video modulator

Datasheet UHF and VHF Audio video modulator MC44BS373CA, SO16N, QFN20

Schematic diagram for a broadband QRP SWR metering circuit and SSB TRANSCEIVER 80M / 40M boster filter IF Radio

A schematic diagram for a broadband QRP SWR metering circuit for use in a QRP antenna tuner. One could simply hold a momentary DPDT switch down and watch the LED while tuning the capacitors of the antenna tuner for minimum or zero light.

TV Circuit

TV Circuit with audio wireless FM This simple circuit using BF494 . Where audio receiver? he he ……………………..                 yes fm radio on your cell phone. Then wear head phones while seeing adult film let steady. Part: R1 100 kΩ       C1 4,7 nF        Q1 BF494 R2 33 kΩ         C2 Trimmer R3 22 kΩ         C3 47 […]

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