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Big voltus Electronics Project Design Schematics and circuit diagrams pmpo

Big voltus Electronics Project Design Schematics and circuit diagrams pmpo 5000 watts amplifier schematic

The circuit Tv transmitter very simple

The circuit is very simple, it just has three transistors, but the transistor types have been changed for VHF/UHF transistors. You can use 2N2369, BSX19 or BSX20, or any small signal transistor with an “ft” of typically 400MHz or more. The transistor DC biasing is a little more tolerant to varying transistor types than the […]

Quality Inverter-Chargers

Quality Inverter-Chargers Quality Inverter-Chargers using 2N2222, 74AUC1G14DBVR High Quality Inverter-Chargers High amp charger circuit diagram Inverter charger circuit diagram using 2N2222, 74AUC1G14DBVR

Schematic Diagram Sensors and LDR

Color sensor is an interesting project for hobbyists. The circuit can sense eight colors, i.e. blue, green and red (primary colors); magenta, yellow and cyan (secondary colors); and black and white. The circuit is based on the fundamentals of optics and digital electronics. The object whose color is required to be detected should be placed […]

Amplifiers Audio using LA4558

Amplifiers Audio using LA4558 circuit board

Laptop schematic diagram

Laptop schematic diagram volvi blog diagram, DDR1 DDR2, Mobile cpu 478 celeron, ICH7M, audio circuit using G1431Q, Codec ALC268, opamp G1412, Modem MDC Card, HDD in, mini usb, Blue tooth, cdrom, Bios, camera

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